Born in 1958, Lev Zemlinski studied in Moscow Telecommunication University (electronics) and Moscow Musical College (jazz piano). While being a student he began his career as a band musician, bandleader andphotograph arranger, working with various Moscow band and solo artists. He also studied jazz in Moscow Experimental Jazz Studio - the small island of freedom in the sea of soviet musical totalitarism. After graduating from the university, Lev worked on TV for a short time and then devoted himself completely to music. He was touring across the country with popular Russian artists, playing on keyboards, making arrangements and writing songs. This job gives him big professional experience and versatility of style. He also becomes more familiar with recording studio environment. Returning from Broadway, NY, where Lev worked with Russian show in 1991, he decided to try himself as an instrumental composer. He takes private lessons in Moscow conservatoire on composition and writes instrumental music for TV, commercials and various shows, first as a staff composer in the big video and computer graphics company, and then assembles his own recording equipment.

For last 15 years Lev has a permanent collaboration with Russian State Circus Company, writing music for modern acts and shows. He also made some shows abroad - the first one of them  in Holland - "Arkadya", produced by Willem and Ilya Smith. Nikulin Circus in Moscow invited Lev to create orchestra music for their last 3 seasons. Some of this music was used also in the project "Stars In The Circus", produced by Nikulin Circus and 1st TV channel.

Nevertheless, Lev doesn't give up his songwriting skills. In 1994 he presented Russian at the Eurovision Song Contest as a songwriter, conducting RTE orchestra.  Sometimes Lev works as arranger with big orchestras. Well known Russian conductor Eugeny Svetlanov invited Lev to make arrangements for Christmas symphonic concerts - "Schlagers of 20th century".

From year 2005 Lev has permanent collaboration with leading Russian animation studio "Pilot". He wrote music for 10 films that were presented at various domestic and international festivals and on Russian national TV channels. He also worked as as composer on "Pile Of Gems" animation series (which was awarded twice with Russian national cynematographic award "Golden Eagle"), creating music for short opening clips and made score music for social TV project "Multirossija".

In year 2007 Lev finished score music for "Trackman", full length feature film, produced by Columbia Pictures and Russian film companies.

Some music professionals and amateurs know Lev Zemlinski also as an author of "Homerecording" column in popular magazine "Music Box".