"Arkadya - Parallel Worlds" - it is a mix of original circus acts, modern choreography and conceptual music. Directed by Susanna Rayanova, this show was produced by Dutch company "Groot Russisch staatscircus" in cooperation with Russian State Circus company. First original version of music, written by Lev Zemlinski for this show, is available on CD. Tracks from this CD include recordings made "live" in Amsterdam during 2000 tour and also some studio recordings. This music  was performed on stage by 8-pieces band - el. violin, sax, trumpet, el. guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion and bass.

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mp3 719kB
Mirror mp3 1 219kB
Mars mp3 918kB
Pierrot mp3 832kB
Wind From The East mp3 1 340kB
Black Nightmare mp3 874kB
Arkadya mp3 1 781kB
Flight mp3 995kB
Finale mp3 819kB
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