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FILM       a  n i M a t i o n

March 2009. Four last films from "Pile Of Gems" series will be presented at the annual Open Festival of Animation in Suzdal, Russia. Information about featival at

January 2009. Working on Sergey Gordeev's film (from "Pile Of Gems") was finished.

January 2009. Music for Andrey Sokolov's film (from "Pile Of Gems") was written and recorded.

October 2008. 40 nusical intro's for "Pile Of Gems" series are already written.

June 2008. Musical score for Natalia Chernyshova's film (from "Pile Of Gems") is ready.

May 2008. New film from "Pile Of Gems" was released. Director - Stepan Koval.

August 2007. New short animation clips for "Multirussia" project were released. The project is devoted to Russian regions. 

July 2007. Musical score for American-Russian full length feature film "Trackman" was sent to post production studio. Date of release - September.

May 2007. New film from becoming already popular animation series "Pile Of Gems". Director - Leon Estrin.

April 2007. Pilot of full length animation film "Gods Of Green Planet" was made. Director - Andrey Sokolov.

January 2007. Starting new animation project "The Regions Of  Russia".

October 2006. Postproduction of full length feature film "Trackman" (Columbia Monumental Pictures, Importfilm) begins in Moscow. Lev Zemlinski  writes the score for this movie.

March 2006. Working on Andrey Sokolov's new film was finished (from "Pile Of Gems")

November 2005. Music for three short films was created (from "Pile Of Gems" project).

May 2005. Short animation film "Evolution of Petr Senstov" was finished. Directed by Andrey Sokolov, "Masterfilm" and "Pilot" studios.

Recently original music was written for three new animation films: "How Landlord Became A Horse" (directed by O.Veselova), "Interpretation Of Dreams" (dir. by V.Telegin and A.Tatarsky) and "Greedy Miller's Wife" (dir. by M.Fedoseeva). These three releases open new series of animation short films (about 12 minutes each) based on folklore of different ethnic groups living in modern Russia. Production company - studio "Pilot".